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Penn2Paper is an entirely volunteer-run and community organized registered non-profit. We are a modest team and have thus far relied on small donations to maintain the basics of running a pen pal service. If you have the means, we would appreciate your support. If you would simply like to offer mutual aid, you can help us avoid costly processing fees by sending an

e-transfer to

Your contribution will go to supporting: 

  • P.O. Box fees

  • Stamps and stationary

  • Cards for participants

  • Marketing materials

  • Community mutual aid

  • Facilitation expenses

Please note that we are a registered non-profit. All of the proceeds from your contribution are poured back into the program and into the community. However, we cannot currently offer tax credits for contributions.


We are happy to offer custom gifts in exchange for your contribution. 

All proceeds are poured back into the program and into the community. 

... or something in between

If none of these categories are the right fit, you can make a custom contribution.

We will still send you thank you gift based on your contribution!


Thank you for your donation!

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